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What can I expect during our first session?

Our first few sessions are an evaluation period during which I learn about you and you get a sense of me and my style. During our first session, I may ask you what brings you to therapy and what your goals are. I may inquire about your peer relationships, your school/work life, and any previous therapy experiences. I welcome any questions you may have about psychotherapy.

Do you take insurance?

I am an out-of-network provider and do not work directly with any insurance companies. My services may qualify for reimbursement under many insurance plans, and I encourage you to contact your insurance company prior to your first appointment to determine your out-of-network mental health coverage. The following questions may be helpful for you to discuss with your insurance carrier:


-  Do I have out-of-network mental health benefits?

-  What is my out-of-network deductible and has it been met?

-  Once I hit my out-of-network deductible, what percentage will my insurance cover?

-  Is there a limit my insurance will pay for a 45-minute session?

-  Is precertification required?


I will provide you with a monthly statement of services that you can submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

How long and how frequent are sessions?


An initial 60-minute session will involve an evaluation of your needs and a review of treatment options. Individual therapy sessions are 45 minutes. Most people begin therapy with weekly sessions. 


How do I schedule an appointment?

Feel free to contact me to schedule an initial session. Before our first in-person appointment, I offer a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation to get a sense of your needs, answer any questions you may have, and determine if I would be a good fit for you. If either of us believes that you would be better assisted by another therapist, I will provide a referral for you. 


What happens if I have to cancel?

If you need to cancel a session, I ask that you notify me within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time. Appointments that are not canceled within 24 hours will be charged the full fee. If we are able to reschedule the session within the same week, you will not be charged twice.

Thank you for contacting me. I'll be in touch soon.

Contact Me

FAQ Contact

6106 Harvard Avenue, #622

Glen Echo, MD 20812

(202) 642-3552


Please note that I use a confidential voicemail system through Google Voice. You will be prompted to state your name prior to being connected to me or leaving a voicemail. You may email me or complete the form on this page schedule an appointment or inquire about my services. However, please note that neither are confidential means of communication. 

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